Affordable Trademark Registration.
Top-tier Lawyer Help.

For the first time ever, trademark lawyers work with you to get your trademark registration right.

Filling out your application properly is critical to a successful trademark registration.

Now Trademark DIY ensures you
breeze through the process.

In one easy phone call, one of our licensed lawyer/trademark agents will walk you through how to draft and file your application. Then, you simply monitor your application online to its successful registration.

We make it happen for way less than our full-service option and a fraction of what the big hourly-fee firms charge.

Trademark DIY is the perfect solution for a bootstrapped start-up. An expert holds your hand through the hard part of a trademark application, then you take care of the easy stuff on your own.

Komail Ibrahimi, Founder of Merak.Life

I recommend Trademark DIY for anyone looking to protect their brand. I considered filing my trademark without legal help, but that felt daunting. Trademark DIY offered undeniable value - an expert ran a full search and walked me through the application. I saved over $700 without compromising quality/ protection.

Alex Curci, Visual Artist and Creative Technologist

As a small business owner I was looking for a 'budget' service. Trademark DIY is the only option out there offering a hybrid between hiring a trademark lawyer and filing on your own. It feels good knowing that I'm not paying for services I can handle myself.

Jim Longman, CEO of Get Up and Learn

Here's how it works

1. Choose your options
  • order a search report
  • order a name, logo or tagline application
  • add on an additional associated application (name, logo or tagline)
2. Fill out our online form

Just some basic questions: your name, address and questions about your trademark

We explain every step over the phone - it's like we're right beside you!
3. Schedule a call with us

Book your time at check-out.

4. Complete the CIPO filing

We will call you, and together we will complete a trademark application using the CIPO'sonline filing system. You will have 30 minutes of expert assistance per trademark.

If you also ordered a search report, you will have an additional 15 minutes of time added to your call to discuss the search results.

5. Monitor the process

Once we help you file your application, simply continue the monitoring process on your own.

Here's what it costs

It's not expensive - If you can track an application online, you can save hundreds of dollars. Get the expertise of a attorney/trademark agent at a fraction of the cost.

First Application

for your initial application, plus
tax and CIPO filing fees

Add-on Application

for each additional associated application, plus tax and CIPO filing fees

Add-on Search

for a full comprehensive
trademark search report plus tax

And if any extra help after filing is needed, we offer a range of services at flat-fee rates that are cheaper and more efficient. No ifs, ands or buts!

Get started

About us

Trademark DIY is the brainchild of The Trademark Group - a flat-fee law firm, home to a team of specialized intellectual property lawyers and registered trademark agents (and escapees from the traditional legal world).

We got rolling in 2011 because we hated seeing people overspending on hourly-fee lawyers, or getting into legal trouble from using inexpert, unlicensed trademark registration services with no one to turn to when things go south - or who charge you to fix an application they should have done right in the first place.
Our goal was to create the ultimate Do-It-Yourself online trademark registration service - but only if it could work like we were right beside you, counselling you every step of the way, and instantly available for any questions.
However, there will be always be cases where for many reasons - limited time, a corner-office request - you'll want the full-service treatment, and we're thrilled to keep offering that, too.
Best of all, no matter which trademark registration option you choose, our deep legal expertise is there for you whenever you need it.

It's not complicated -
If you've ever done an online application, you can do this.