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Our Full-Service Model

Registering certain trademarks can be a complicated, time-consuming process - time that many people don't have. And if you're investing big money in things like design, advertising and stationery, it's crucial to be meticulous and expertly-advised.

Why full-service?

Simply put, there may be times when a lawyer's touch is essential throughout the process.

This is why so many people, especially in corporate and other organizations, have chosen the peace-of-mind of having us completely run what can sometimes be a long, multi-step process.

Our full-service model still costs
much less than
by-the-hour firms.
We save you money

by ensuring your application is right the first time and won't get rejected, forcing you to pay and re-apply again.

We save you time

by monitoring and responding to all government correspondence.

We help you avoid costly court actions

iif there's ever a bump in the road, we'll flatten it out and keep things moving smoothly on a flat-fee basis.

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