Ready to file your trademark application?

Together, we can do this!

We will get the ball rolling with your
application by:

1. Filling in your applicant/trademark
information for you
2. Attaching an accurate design file,
if you are applying
for a logo
3. Submitting the
application along
with your filing fee
After your application filing has been received, some changes are allowed. But please note, if you expand your list of products and services, or modify your logo design in any way you will have to file a new application.

Each individual trademark you want to register requires a separate application (but there's no restriction on the number of goods and services that you can list in a single application for your trademark).

Is there an image or design element to your trademark (i.e., a logo)? Then you'll need to provide a design file prior to your phone call with us. It's pretty simple: just create a black and white .tiff file of the design mark, describe colour(s) if any, and submit with the intake form at the time of checkout.

You will monitor your own application through these stages of the process:

Establish your filing date

Your application will be reviewed by the Registrar. If you've met all the filing requirements (you will be contacted if further information is needed) a filing date will be assigned. By the way, just in case there is a similar trademark pending, this date is helpful in determining who is entitled to register.

Search trademark records

Trademark records will be searched for any conflicts with your trademark. To avoid surprises, ask us about how to order a search report prior to filing.

Pre-publication search

To ensure there is no potential conflict between your trademark and any other registered or recently applied for trademark, a pre-publication search is done. Again, any issues and they will connect with you and ask for a response. Give us a shout if you need to discuss your best response.

Publish application

If all goes well with the pre-publication search, your application will then be advertised in the weekly Trademarks Journal. The ad includes a comprehensive range of information about your application and is published to provide other parties an opportunity to make an objection (with valid reasons) prior to registration of your trademark.

Address any potential opposition

So what happens if someone makes an objection? They must file a statement of opposition or ask for extra time to oppose within two months of your trademark's publication date. They must send in a fee at that time as well. If your trademark is opposed, or if you wish to oppose someone else's application, you might need an agent. Give us a call - we're here for you. The reality is, this process involves parties having to provide evidence, arguments and cross-examinations. So it can be complicated. If the ruling goes against you, an appeal can be made to the Federal Court of Canada.

Register your trademark

If all is well - there was no opposition or you've overcome an objection - the Registrar will send you a notice of allowance and request a registration fee be paid. You will also be asked to confirm that you have begun using the trademark (If your application was based on proposed use). If you're still not ready to use it, just ask for extra time.